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Diet and Nutrition

It's easy to be confused by the conflicting mandates of nutrition experts. Often, advice from one set of experts directly contradicts others. Gluten-free 'paleo' diets are all the rage. Vegetarians say their diet thwarts disease. Atkins dieters drop weight quickly. 'Raw food' advocates claim to have the most energy. Who has time to sort all this out?

A common thread running through most of these diets is the demonization of a particular food group, be it dairy, meat, soy, GMO-foods or wheat. Indeed, the elimination of gluten for people with Celiac disease, or dairy for the lactose intolerant is necessary. But for most people, the exclusion of a food type may not present a panacea, and what's more important is to use common sense.

The optimal diet for one person may not be ideal for someone else. Age, weight, fitness level, and other special requirements or considerations all determine what's best for each person. Every trainer at FitNow, Inc., thoroughly understands nutrition science, especially as it relates to exercise, and can recommend diet and nutrition strategies to incorporate into your overall fitness protocol.