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Customized Exercise Programs

When you opt for one-on-one FitNow training, you receive a suite of services beginning with a comprehensive evaluation of your physical condition with movement, balance, and flexibility screens, cardiorespiratory, muscular, endurance and strength assessments, and anthropometric and body composition measurements. After ensuring that he or she thoroughly understands your objectives, your FitNow trainer will create a program for you. He or she will bring all the equiment necessary for your sessions, keep you engaged and motivated, track your development, and adjust your program based on your progress to maximize results.

Some FitNow trainers have special experience of particular benefit to seniors (see Senior Fitness).

Extreme Fitness

For younger clients or those already in great shape, FitNow trainers can take conditioning to the next level. Learn and practice the workout strategies used by elite athletes who've dedicated their lives to physical achievement, have prepared for and participated in grueling contests or events, and have amassed a vast and fascinating trove of experience and information. They are available for both group and private training.

Many FitNow trainers can point to extraordinary physical accomplishments. Some are triatheletes. One of them competes in mixed martial arts (MMA) matches. Another has climbed Mt. Rainer. They think these things are fun. To work with them is to become infected by the idea that exercise is a joy and a way of life.

Group Training Sessions

FitNow trainers lead group sessions which address a variety of issues. Some are 'boot camps' for extreme fitness enthusiasts. Others are strictly for women. And still others are for seniors with age-related obstacles. Click here for a list of upcoming events and programs.