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The Prime of Your Life is NOW

Getting older doesn't have to mean getting weaker. One can be STRONG AND POWERFUL AT ANY AGE. Our clients see dramatic improvements in their physical and emotional well being. They redefine their own boundaries as they achieve goals and set new ones.

Medical research proves: 1) Regular exercise mitigates the affects of aging. 2) There is NO age at which one cannot restore strength and increase energy levels by exercising.

Decreased flexibility, mobility, and strength are all inevitable effects of the natural aging process UNLESS you fight back! You can WIN this fight – we can show you how to do it and help you get there.

FitNow personal trainers provide a direct path to wellness, energy and strength for both younger seniors who want to reclaim their endurance, put bounce back into their step, or simply lose a few pounds, and for elder seniors with decreased flexibility and/or mobility.

Young seniors in good health stay healthy and active over the long haul when they take measures to preserve their strength, coordination and cardiovascular health. To achieve this goal a targeted exercise program can't be beat.

For the elderly – even those with arthritis, joint pain, motor control problems, osteoporosis or other challenges – a personal trainer can ensure safe, steady progress toward realistic goals which can evolve based on progress. Why not improve and maintain a higher quality of life? A regular program of supervised exercise is an elder's best defense against fall-related injuries, depression, fragility and decreased flexibility and mobility, and a great way to preseve confidence and independence. It improves and can in some cases eradicate virtually every condition faced in the adult years; like heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, insomnia and more.