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Achieving Goals! Lose Weight, Get Strong, Regain Mobility, Look Great and More…

"Finally! I wear the clothes I like instead of clothes that cover me up. I'm 56 and I look and feel better than I did in my early 30s. I didn't think this was possible at first, but Mike encouraged me to stick with his program and it worked!"

"I feel strong again in a way I thought was gone forever. I can't believe the muscle I've gained in just 6 months and how much more energy I have."

"I didn't think working out could be fun, but I actually look forward to my sessions and am amazed by the results I see in only 4 months. You have had a huge impact on my figure, and on my attitude and whole life really, because I feel so much better about myself and my appearance."

"When I found myself unable to get in and out of my car by myself, I realized I was losing my ability to get around. I was tired and struggling most of the time. I met with Mike and he evaluated everything and came up with a plan. Taking my age (I'm 85) and limitations into consideration, he created an exercise program which gave me back my mobility. Now I have no problem getting in or out of my car, or up and down stairs, and I feel so much better. He proved to me that it's never too late to improve your life."

"The first time I met Mike he told me that fitness is as much mental as it is physical and that we would train both. With his help, I learned how to think differently about working out and nutrition. I've reached my goals and I feel great!"